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1-800-New-Room Regional Licensing

A Specialized Small Business Program

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One of the benefits of enrollment in the 800 NEW ROOMSM integrated marketing program is exclusive use of the toll-free number 1-800-New-Room in your territory. Our Regional Licensing service allows multiple businesses across the country to share a valuable vanity 800 number, each enjoying exclusive use of the number in its selected territory. This innovative concept allows a toll free number like 1-800-New-Vision to be used by a different optometrist in each advertising market, with calls routed to the correct subscriber based on the location of the person dialing the number. This specialized small business program is ideal for companies that rely on local or regional advertising campaigns.

Gives your business a national-sized image for regional-sized dollars!


  • Affordability — Regional licensing allows your company to take advantage of a high-caliber marketing tool for only a fraction of the normal cost.

  • Prestige — Target audiences associate Vanity 800 advertisers with companies which meet the highest standards for customer service -- United Parcel Service® (800-PICK-UPS), Merrill Lynch® (800-MERRILL) and Nissan® (800-NISSAN-1), to name a few.

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